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This December 15, 2019 Simin Hope Foundation will be hosting the official 5th Annual Toy Giveaway located in the heart of North Hollywood, California. This event will be featuring a free Toy Giveaway along with live music, celebrity guests, a winter wonderland and much more!


The 6th Annual


One Tiny Toy Can Make All the Difference in the World



Simin Hope Foundation

Simin Hope Foundation

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Simin Hope Foundation 

Simin Hope Foundation made a donation for 200k in water, clothing, and supplies to families elected by the hurricanes. We urge others to help the city of Houston and Florida in a time of great need. Simin stated, “Houston and Florida residents lost it all, Simin Hope Foundation is helping survivors get back to their homes after the storm. Some families still need shelter and assistant. The time to help is now. Anybody can make a difference, big or small it all counts.”

Happy Holidays

From Simin Hope Foundation

We support and assist the disadvantaged regardless of race, creed or color. We started in our own backyard many years ago helping the homeless of Los Angeles and we have continued to do this as we expand our assistance to worthy causes within the USA and overseas. 

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Skid Row

In the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Simin Hashemizadeh and her crew go downtown to visit the unfortunate currently residing and gives back. She gave out food gifts and even sat and talked with a few individuals. Check out this youtube video showing a recap of the event.

Los Angeles, CA
All Fathers Gala

The event honored one of the best-selling artists in the history of classical music, award-winning Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who was welcomed with great applause. Actor, rapper and entrepreneur Percy Miller was also on the prestigious honor roll, along with Bruno Serato, Kareem Ahmed and he late Ruhollah Hashemizadeh.